Where are these bags made?

Our bags are ethically made in Pakistan. The Pakistani government’s labor policy is very specific. The Socio-economic well-being of the people is one of their principle objectives. Our factory acts in accordance with these principles.

What materials are these bags made from?

Our bags are not designed to prolong the life of fruits or vegetables. They are however, designed to help people be more Eco Friendly by reducing the amount of plastic bags one may use. They are used as an alternative to the thin plastic bags located in the produce section, to transport your favorite fruits and veggies home from the store.

What materials are these bags made from?

Our see through bags are made from a sturdy nylon mesh, with a decorative cotton muslin trim.
Our non-see through produce bags, along with our reusable shopping totes, are made from a durable cotton muslin.

How tight are the holes in the mesh?

Our mesh reusable produce bags are woven with a tight mesh pattern. They will hold something as small as a black bean with no problems. They would not hold anything much smaller than that, such as lentils, quinoa, or rice.