About Naturally Sensible

Naturally Sensible is an eCommerce store specializing in sustainable, organic, and reusable bags. We offer both produce bags and shopping bags to help our customers start their journey to a zero-waste lifestyle. 

But we’re more than just a brand, we’re also a family and a way of living your life. 

Our Beginnings

Naturally Sensible began in 2015 when we, Michael and Wendy, started our journey to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. While assessing our day-to-day activities, we discovered that a single trip to the store generated a ridiculous amount of plastic waste. From the plastic wrappers and packaging in the produce section to the grocery bags at the check-out lane, the amount of plastic used up was unbelievable.

We went online to take a look at what alternatives were out there for plastic bags. We were disappointed to find that what was there were poorly made, unattractive, and weak. We decided then that we should make it easy for other people to embark on their own sustainable lifestyles and began the company that would become Naturally Sensible. 

Our Values

First and foremost is our dedication to reducing plastic waste until our customers can achieve a zero-waste lifestyle. We believe in providing better alternatives that help us invest in the future of our planet.

This is followed by our commitment to making our alternative and sustainable products of the highest quality. Because previously available alternatives were flimsy and unattractive, we’ve resolved to only make good, appealing, and sturdy bags. Our manufacturer isn’t only ISO 9001 Certified, our products are made with materials that are Global Organic Textile Standard Certified. 

Our Triumphs

We have now helped more than 32,000 people start their journey to a plastic-free life. When we first began, we only had a single product. Soon enough, people were so drawn to our sturdy materials and appealing designs, we had to expand to four different products and include various sets. 

Thanks to our products and the ever-growing appeal of living a plastic-free and zero-waste life, we’re successfully doing our part in making the Earth a better and healthier place.