How Environmentally Friendly Are You?

So, you have been making changes (or maybe at least thinking about making changes) to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Is there more you can do, or are you ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability and zero waste? Answer the questions to find out where you fall on a scale from #zerowaste to #allthewaste!

How Environmentally Friendly Are You?

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You’re out at a restaurant, and the waiter brings glasses of water for the table. You:

1. Immediately ask for a straw. You’re not about to drink straight out of that glass!
2. Wait to see if he leaves straws on the table. If not, you’re happy to go without one, but if it does you’ll use one.
3. Won’t use a straw, even if he drops one in front of you. Save the turtles, yo!
4. Ask him not to waste straws, and encourage everyone at your table to skip using them along with you.
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When it comes to buying groceries, you:

1. Always use the plastic grocery and produce bags at the store.
2. Try to use reusable bags if you have them with you.
3. Always use reusable produce and grocery bags, and try not to buy anything else that comes in plastic.
4. Mostly use reusable produce and grocery bags.
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Your beverage consumption consists of:

1. Using a reusable travel mug or water bottle if you happened to remember it.
2. Morning lattes or coffee in a disposable cup and water and other beverages in plastic bottles and cups.
3. Hot drinks in your favorite travel mug and cold drinks in your reusable water bottle.
4. Using reusable mugs or bottles for everything, no matter where you go. You even ask the barista at your favorite coffee shop to fill up the mug you bring in with you!
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It’s time to buy produce! You typically:

1. Buy organic if you can find a good deal, but otherwise shop for the best price on fresh produce.
2. Try to find the best deal at the local grocery store. Sometimes you buy fresh and often buy frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. Easy and cheap are the priority.
3. Get only organic produce. Pesticides? No thank you!
4. Shop at the local farmer’s market rather than the grocery store and get your organic produce there from a local farmer.
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In your home, you ___________ to help the environment:

1. Recycle most of the time.
2. Do nothing differently. You’re just one household out of billions. What difference will it make?
3. Recycle, try to limit waste, and conserve water.
4. Do everything possible, including striving for zero waste, reusing and recycling, composting, and conserving water and energy.
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Do you grow your own vegetables?

1. Yes, a few essentials.
2. You’d really like to but just haven’t gotten around to it.
3. Absolutely! It is a cheap way to put organic food on the table for your family.
4. Absolutely not. Who has time for gardening?
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When you’re giving and receiving gifts, you:

1. You buy gifts for others if you know it’s something they will use, and you tell people don’t need anything. It’s true… even though you wouldn’t mind the cake and presents.
2. Gift reusable items to anyone who would benefit from them, and love to make items by hand. You request that no one gives you gifts, because gifts are mostly wasteful and there isn’t anything you need.
3. Always give cake and presents, of course!
4. Use newspaper or recycled wrapping paper when you give, and you always ask for a new reusable if you need one or for no gifts.

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